Mixed and Mastered by - Ochomil of 357Pro

Selebrasyon – Don G (feat. Pricetagg & JP Bacallan)

It's been a while, Comeback is real. Dope joint

OWFUCK – Lulong (Shot On RED Gemini 5k)

"Sino pang walang alam, sya pang maraming sinasabi" another hot track from OWFUCK Mixed and mastered by Ryke Recorded at Sound Sanctuary Studio Produced by Cobrash Beats DoP / Directed by...

KJah – Kamao ng Kankaloo (Official Music Video)

Kjah does it again, this guy is one of the most under rated emcee we have. the social awareness, the rhyme schemes and word play we are always a fan of...

Bawal Clan – Yoga Flame (Official Music Video)

Damn this music video is on FIREEEEE!!! i miss the classic arcade games in this one. did i need to mention this is the BAWAL CLAN year.

Kemikal Ali x Arbie Won – OTW Na (Official Music Video)

Kemikal doing what he do best, and damn we did miss him, that playful words the voice and his creativity he is indeed one of the most sough after "Beterano" in...

PHS top 10 September 2018

*This ranking is only base on our ( opinion only and not base on voting or any kind of system. Enjoy   *PHS doesn't own any of the tracks or clips...

Pilipitan (Pinoy Tongue Twister) by KarateKir

im a big fan of this artist named "Karate Kir" from a pinoy rap artist from ROME Italy, and damn why not, eversince that Wala Chorus track and now this!

Halo halo present The Golden age of Pinoy Hiphop vol. 1

Halo halo present The Golden age of Pinoy Hiphop 8 tracks for The Golden age of pinoy hiphop 00:00 - Gusto kong bumaet - Death Threat 04:04 - Mga kababayan ko -...