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#MAUDanceChallenge by ROCK*WELL

That hit track is just insane :D nice moves Rock*Well

Most Viewed Pinoy Hiphop artist videos

So why count? why millions? obviously it's not so easy to gain views in youtube, we at PHS have face troubles too, numbers means a lot, although you can...

Graffiti: Chase | B-Side

We have no clue who did it, or maybe it is someone with the name of Chase but we surely appreciate Graffiti Arts. Kudos

Tiny Montana’s Reyalidad Mixtape REVIEW

TINY MONTANA' REYALIDAD MIXTAPE Review Salamat nga pala sa tiwala sir Tiny at sa opportunity to let me hear this album. * AKIN ANG GABI, SAYO ANG UMAGA feat.Naughty Dawg &...

Future Thug

Future Thug Record Label Panty Droppaz League About Official Facebook Page for Future Thug. @iamfuturethug Biography Future Thug, is an experimental upcoming rapper/singer from his hometown the Philippines that will surely impress everyone with his...

2 Joints

2 Joints Bugoy na Kokoy  Facebook: Youtube: Ives Presko Facebook Youtube: IVES, a young kid from the dark streets of La Union traveled his way to the bright lights of Metro Manila, carrying his baggage...

Milyones (Official Music Video) – Bugoy na koykoy

If your a fan of the album here's the new music video. Money money money is what Bugoy na Koykoy do best.

Taking Names – Ruby Ibarra featuring Bambu and Nump

2nd music video from Ruby Ibarra's Circa 91 album, Taking Names featuring Bambu and Nump

South East Cartel

Facebook Page: Youtube: Genre: Pinoy Hip Hop, Alternative, Underground, Conscious, Hip-Hop Band Members Group Artists: Sundaloz (Bustarr & Raygee) Eazygoing (Biggz, Check One, Keith Skillz) Solo Artists: Franchizze Pipoy of Puntoz Blanko & FCC Rydeen Hometown: PHILIPPINES Record Label: Independent About: Black Sheep album...