Alternative Rap Pinoy Hiphop Superstar

Alternative Rappers in Pinoy Hiphop

From the word itself, alternative, replacement or another possibility which were rap can also benefit. So it's not only Gangsta, Lyrical, RNB that can stem from hip-hop music. There's this...

“Playbill$” LIVE by Ruby Ibarra featuring the Balikbayans on Wish 107.5 Bus

Ruby Ibarra and the Balikbayans performing “Playbill$” LIVE on the Wish 107.5 Bus. Ruby Ibarra PHS Card: Circa 91 Album Review: Ruby Ibarra Socials Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Wish 107.5 Socials Facebook: Twitter:...

Karencitta Pinoy Hiphop Superstar

Biography Real name: Karen Ann Rodriguez Cabrera Karencitta is an actress, recording musician, lyricist and internet sensation from Cebu City, Philippines. Born in Australia of Filipino parents. She made her first live...

Who I Am LIVE – Ruby Ibarra featuring Alex Bruce

Balikbayan Monday last March 4, 2019, at Saguijo Bar. Ruby Ibarra and Alex Bruce performing "Who I Am" live.

Balikbayan Monday

San Francisco Bay Area hip-hop artists meet local Pinoy hip-hop artists When: March 4th, Monday at 8 PM – 1 AM Where: saGuijo Cafe + Bar Events 7612 Guijo Street, San...

Alex Bruce

Bio: A young femcee🎤 at 12 years old with amazing potential for greatness, don't let this young lady fool you, she is maybe small but this kid is a heavy...

Alex Bruce performs “Mind As A Weapon” LIVE on Wish 107.5 Bus

Another kid to look forward too. This performance makes me an instant fan. 10 year old Batanguena, Alex Bruce Facebook: Youtube:

DB aka Baby Bopis

Filipina emcee and graphic artist Affiliated with Baryo Berde group LINKS:  Fb page: Instagram: Soundcloud: Youtube: MUSIC: Check out other Pinoy hip-hop artist's signature PHS Card on this link: