Romeo & Juliet – ClassicLove ft. Zeinab Harake (LOCAL Exclusive – Official Music Video)

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Don Pao – Senyales

Don Pao: MilitiaTV:

“Kontrabida” LIVE on Wish 107.5 Bus by Pricetagg featuring CLR

2nd track in the Barcode album, Kontrabida featuring CLR performed live at Wish 107.5 Bus. Wish 107.5's Socials Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Barcode Album Review:

Pinoy Hiphop music and the Rap Styles behind it

Pilipinas ang kauna unahan sa Asya to adopt Hip-hop/Rap, including all the 4 elements of it even fashion if your a fan (and obviously you are) and there are...

Pricetagg Barcode Album Review

Huge fan of The Game back in the days. Pag lapag palang ng The Documentary, bumili ako agad ng hard copy. Been looking for the same caliber in Pinoy...

Pricetagg – That’s Gangsta

Pricetagg's Barcode Album Check the rest of Pricetagg's album in this playlist: