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Way back in 1993 when it comes to rap groups Mastaplann & Death Threat were the ones who were dominating the Airwaves.. Until in 1994 a Rap group that goes by the name of Legit Misfitz emerged and became a competition to those two group that came before them…Spearheaded by Boom (of Kulay), Legit Mizfitz is composed of Dash & Jhego (former dancer of Boom), they’re known for their Masa/Party Type of rap.. Their debut album “Sons of Fliphop” was released in 1994 with the tracks “Jabongga”, “Trapik” & “Air Tsinelas” that became instant hits… and marks another landmark in the history of local hip-hop/rap…

Two years after they released their sophomore album “Ekis Pinoy(Bahala Na Generation)” with “Lotto” & “Chamama” as singles that also became instant hits.

1997 was the year when “Balik Sa Lumang Eskwela” album was released but unfortunately the album is not as successful compared to their previous albums..

Fast Forward to 2002..5 years since their last album… Legit Misfitz came back with a brand new album “100 Porsyento”..and with the track “Magasin” which is a revival of Eraserheads Hit song as the carrier single.. Plus they guested artist from other camps.. This album can be considered as more focused than their previous ones.. But this is also their last album together as Legit Misfitz..

A year after Legit Misfitz last album they released a compilation entitled P-Noize under their own label Phunky Juan Ent. which features tracks from D-Coy, Lady Diane, Misteazas, Urban Flow, Jhego and Legit Misfitz themselves for their last track together up to this day…


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