Pinoy Hiphop’s Greatest Voices Video


Just incase tinamad
kang magbasa about our #PinoyHiphopsGreatestVoices we have a video version of that check it out

Pinoy Hiphop is not always about Rapping, it’s a culture that includes so much, in the musical industry we have a bunch of artist, some Rap faster, do battle rap, and there are some with a smooth voice, some are personal opinion, some are suggested by fans, in no particular order we present to you Pinoy Hiphop’s Greatest Voices.

*This ranking is only base on our ( opinion, hoping that we can create ranking like this monthly or at least twice a month depending on current state of local hiphop. Enjoy

*PHS doesn’t own any of the tracks included in this list, pls make sure to visit specific links of their videos below



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